How to achieve link Failover

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How to achieve link Failover

Hi Guys,


This is my first query on this forum.


We have two ISPs but we are not able to achieve link failover to ISP-2 whenever ISP-1 fails.


We got /30 P2P and /29 subnet from both the ISPs. We have connected /30 P2P coming from ISP devices with MS-250 switches which are stacked together. The /29 subnet is used to connect MS stack with MX-100 HA pair. Also we are using Aryaka for WAN optimization so it is also taking one public IP.


We can't use /30 P2P for MX-100 pair directly as we need minimum 4 IPs for failover. Hence we have done static routing on the switch stack where it only allows one default route to ISP-1. We can't add default route for ISP-2.


So whenever ISP-1 fails there's no route for ISP-2 thus failing both the links. Could anyone of you suggest a better option to achieve failover?



Here to help

Hi arpitshrm84,


Could you possibly upload your topology and desired here so that we can take a look and provide a suggestion? Your correct in that the MS can only have 1 default route.


Ultimately, you may want to speak to your SE about this design issue.





This is the topology we are having.


  • Both ISP-1 & ISP-2 are connected to MS-250(two MS) stacked together through /30 subnet.
  • Two MX-100 in HA mode are connected to MS-250 through /29 subnet in HA mode.
  • Also Aryaka device(two) is connected to MS-250 through /29 subnet only in HA mode.


Please let me know if you want any other info.

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