How can we use the Meraki client VPN and have MFA? How do we log user access?

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How can we use the Meraki client VPN and have MFA? How do we log user access?

I'm curious where I can find logs showing who has connected, when, and for how long - as well as how to enable MFA since Meraki is external facing.  Any one have info about this?  

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Enabling MFA for a user is done in the dashboard by clicking your account name (top right) and going to profile. 

To enforce MFA for the organization, go to Organization -> Settings.


As for logging, all event logging for a given network is under Network-Wide -> Event Log.

You can then use filters there to narrow down what you're looking for.

If you have a specific client in mind, you can also select the client from Network-Wide -> clients and click "event log" or "timeline".

Edit: It just occurred to me you we looking specifically at client VPN.

Meraki client VPN doesn't natively support MFA but can incorporate 3rd party solutions

Two-Factor Authentication - Cisco Meraki

The above info about logging is still applicable for VPN connections, you would just filter to event type.

Kind of a big deal

Do you have Active Directory?

If so, I recommend getting Cisco Duo for the MFA. 


Active Directory logs connections in the Security event log.

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