Group Policy and blocking

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Group Policy and blocking

Hi All,


I have a client asking for assistance. He has MX64 installed and set to Block All website with video(youtube, vimeo, etc.) & social networking websites (e.g. facebook, twitter, IG).


now he made group policy and selected users to allow access for FB and youtube only. Any tips how I can smoothly do this?



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Kind of a big deal

You simply need to create a new Group Policy, that blocks the items you want to block, and allow what you want. Then change the policy for those clients from Normal to the new policy, and the policy will override the default settings you have which is to block all website with video etc.
Nolan Herring |

I want to add that the clients may need to reconnect after the change before it actually gets applied to them. And give it a few minutes before you start testing.

Getting noticed

Hi all, 


in addition to this, would anyone know why MX still blocks even though I put it on whitelisted URL?


on my layer 7 rules, global, all business is block.... would this be a source of conflict?

That's likely. The content filtering whitelist would just make sure that nothing is blocked based on the content filtering level. But the firewall will still block based on what it is setup to do. I'd just give it a short test to see if that is indeed the case.

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