Generating Join Tokens with the API

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Generating Join Tokens with the API

I'm trying to generate join tokens automatically. I'm following the example found in Meraki SDK/API Link 


However I am getting:


meraki.exceptions.APIError: appliance, createDeviceApplianceVmxAuthenticationToken - 404 Not Found, please wait a minute if the key or org was just newly created.


Neither the device/serial nor org are newly created. Can I assume this is a permissions issue? If so, what permissions does my API user need?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Have you tried with an API key linked to a full admin account ?

My account has the ability to create it in the Dashboard. I am generating the API access key by going to My Profile > API Access and then generating it there.


Are there differences in what the API can do versus my logged in users? Better question are these permission levels documented somewhere for us to reference?

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