Firewall info - open ports for Meraki dashboard

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Firewall info - open ports for Meraki dashboard

Hi all,

So today I noticed that the destination addresses listed under firewall info for my dashboard had changed, and this explains nicely why some devices have been having a hard time connecting to the dashboard.

My question is - for MX devices, what source address would they use management connections on TCP/7734, 7752 and UDP/7351, 9350-9351?  I can packet capture and see this traffic on the WAN interface, but not always the LAN interface (espcially the UDP traffic).  This might just be a coincidence because I am capturing at different times, or does the MX originate the UDP traffic from the WAN address (i.e. not one of the LAN subnets)?

Thanks in advance.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yes from wan interface/ip.


If you see traffic on the mx lan to meraki subnet/ports its most Likely  a AP or Switch management ip.

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