Firewall Object Beta and 1:1 Inbound NAT

Kind of a big deal

Firewall Object Beta and 1:1 Inbound NAT

Has anyone used the firewall object beta and 1:1 NAT?


I can't seem to get the inbound 1:1 NAT to work.  A packet capture shows the packets being received by the MX, but not leaving the LAN interface.

Meraki Employee

Hello @PhilipDAth 


Network Objects feature is not expected to impact the 1:1 NAT or Port Forwarding rules. Did you check the ARP Table on the MX for the LAN Client? Is the 1:1 NAT Rule configured with the public IP in the same subnet as the WAN that is selected in the 1:1 NAT Rule?

Kind of a big deal

That's reassuring.  The 1:1 NAT is configured with a public IP in the same subnet.  The MX was able to ping the internal hosts.


I have my second attempt in 1.5 days.


I have since made a great discovery.  This customer has 95% Meraki infrastructure.  Their is an old Cisco UCS chassis switch (in a compute unit).  While going through the Meraki events after the event I found lots of spaning tree events where a critical port started flapping.

Now I am aware of that I am going to change things to remove that loop.



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