Failover WAN Site-to-Site VPN to Azure

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Failover WAN Site-to-Site VPN to Azure

Ever since the v15 that allows you to connect to Azure via site-to-site VPN happened, it has been such a great advancement in our organization to leverage. We, though, don’t have the auto-failover WAN capability that if our MX84’s primary WAN fails, can build a site-to-site VPN to Azure with our backup internet, and come back to primary WAN once the primary comes back online. Does anyone know of any documentation that describes how to accomplish this?

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maybe you can take a look into this documents.


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@James12 The article you provided is for 1 Meraki WAN and 2 Azure WANs with one primary and one failover, correct?  I am looking for the other direction: 1 Azure WAN, and 2 Meraki WANs with one primary and one failover.

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