FWaaS - vMX100

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FWaaS - vMX100

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I am looking about a FWaaS, I mean I don´t want a physical device in my premises- I am checking and There is a vMX100 in AWS, the question is, Can I use that vFW as my FW to internet access from control all the traffic to my company?


Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

No that's not really the intention or use case to have AWS be your actual ISP and the vMX100 be your internet-facing firewall.  One primary use case is to leverage the vMX100 as a 1-armed Auto-VPN head-end virtual appliance to terminate all the site-to-site VPN tunnels from your other MX appliances for other sites.  More details here: https://documentation.meraki.com/MX-Z/Installation_Guides/vMX100_Setup_Guide_for_Amazon_AWS 

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