Export public IP and WAN IP for all networks?

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Export public IP and WAN IP for all networks?

Wondering if there is a way to export or query the public IP and WAN IP for all networks in an organization. I need to routinely check ~85 networks to make sure there is no double-NAT going on. It's a lot of clicking and figure there might be a better way.


Any suggestions?

Kind of a big deal

Another solution.  Go to Organisation/Overview.  Make sure "Hide table" is not ticked. Click on the arrow to expand the table. Go to the Devices tab.  Click on the + to add the columns "Public IP" and "Uplink IP (Port 1)".  You can add the second port as well if you want.

Search for MX.


Screenshot from 2018-09-20 16-37-38.png

How about that?!? I remember trying to do that some time ago and those columns were not in there. Glad they are there now!

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