Event Log Export for event types and specific details

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Event Log Export for event types and specific details

I would to be able to export particular users VPN Connection and disconnections.  I can identify this person through their IP address, but I cannot filter by it because Meraki could not find that client.  I also see the user by ID, but cannot filter by details.  Also, when exporting, it only exports the records on the screen.  I need to go back the full 30 days.  If I could at least get that, I could filter for the data I need.

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If you are using Meraki authentication for VPN clients, you can setup your MX to send to a SYSLog server, the client VPN login and disconnect are written to syslog although merakis knowledge base does not note it.


Sep 05 14:37:55 logger: <134>1 1504640275.576589582 MX_Data_appliance events client_vpn_connect user id 'mbrad@company1.com' local ip connected from
Sep 05 16:12:05 logger: <134>1 1504645925.365386977 MX_Data_appliance events client_vpn_disconnect user id 'mbrad@company1.com' local ip connected from





this is silly. if meraki has the data, it must be possible to export/download it.


"download as", as it is, is almost useless.


should be very simple to implement downloading a filtered timerange.

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