Endpoint Profiling on ISE through Meraki AP


Endpoint Profiling on ISE through Meraki AP

Hi Team,


I am trying to setup supplicant Profiling on ISE via Meraki APs.

As Meraki APs don't support Device Sensor, i tried adding ISE IP as secondary DHCP server.

AP is in bridge mode with accounting enabled.


Some how the attributes are not being pushed to the ISE.


The clients we have: Windows 10, Apple MAcbook, Iphone, Ipad etc.


Any input will be really helpful.

Getting noticed

Hey @MohammadAz 

have you checked this article in the Cisco community?

ISE is a Cisco/Meraki topic:





i did go through this document. I see only Radius probe is supported on the MR but i also do not get all radius attributes on the ISE after authentication.  I am trying to find if there is a way to forward more attributes to the ISE. 

Thought this might be helpful as they are stating a couple MRs and other Meraki Equipment (MX,MS) 

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