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DataCenter MX with VPN Concentrator mode

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DataCenter MX with VPN Concentrator mode

Hello Experts,


We are planning to introduce Miraki SD-WAN in our environment. I have read in Meraki SDWAN CVD stating that at the datacenter, it is compulsory to configure VPN with a single ethernet connection(one armed concentrator). Can someone help me to understand what does that means? 

Kind of a big deal

Re: DataCenter MX with VPN Concentrator mode

It is not compulsory.


If you pretend the DC is the same as every other branch, then you can connect it up the same.  You can use VLANs, and dual Internet feeds.  This is by far the most common deployment method I used for DC's.


In one-armed mode you rely on the rest of the infrastructure in the DC to do the routing and firewalling for you.


You can check out this guide for a single DC:

And for a DC and a DR site:

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