Dashboard API Uplink Statistics

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Dashboard API Uplink Statistics

  • Uplink statistics for MX routers have been covered on this post.



However, I cannot seem to be able to find uplink statistics documented in the API.


Does that exist or are there any future plans for it to be included?




This is uplink status ... what I'm looking for is the uplink statistics, i.e. packet loss, latency history to or other destinations that you can define on the dashboard.


Any idea if this has been exposed through the API or if there are plans around doing it?

Kind of a big deal

Ahh, OK gotcha. No, that doesn't exist. The MX is the only device that actually tracks this information. 


If you had Meraki Insight you could do something similar...  But as of right now what you're asking for isn't available.

Thanks for the reply.


Is there any API roadmap or any plan to include this info on the API?

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