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DHCP Scopes in Meraki

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DHCP Scopes in Meraki

Is there any way to pull all the DHCP scopes of your entire Organization and print those by themselves? Also is there any word of DCHP management coming to Meraki? Personally, I love the ability to have each network host its own DHCP but it really does bring the spreadsheet in play with managing the scopes as you go! 


Let me know if there are any good API's to use as I am not afraid to code something out either!


Thanks for the help!

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Re: DHCP Scopes in Meraki

All the DHCP info is included in the "VLANs" API endpoint. You'll have to filter the stuff you don't want, but this is where I would grab it from.



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Re: DHCP Scopes in Meraki

The workhorse for gathering the information will be the following command.

myvlans = meraki.getvlans(apikey, networkid, suppressprint=False)

You'll want it to loop through the networks you have and then loop through the VLANs that this command pulls. The reservations you have set are based on MAC rather than IP, which can introduce some interesting issues depending on what you are doing with this data.


Why Meraki (who allow you to upload reservations via CSV file) don't allow you to download existing reservations via a CSV file is beyond me.


Good luck!

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