DHCP PXE boot from another subnet

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DHCP PXE boot from another subnet



We use a Meraki MX67C with a DHCP service enabled.

We have a SCCM server to deploy images on the same subnet and this is working fine with PXE boot.


This SCCM server will be removed so the second one in another subnet sitting in another country will provide this instead. Can i set the Meraki to forward the PXE request to this server located in another subnet ?


Note, we can not use boot filename as we have several boot files.


Is the fields below the "ip-helper" part in this Meraki unit ?














If possible, what must i do to make it work ?





Kind of a big deal

Try just entering the IP-address or hostname of your SCCM server in there. I believe that should be enough. I believe the boot filename is optional. There was nother topic about this here:




I have tried but it states it can not be empty when i save it.


There were errors in saving this configuration:

  • Boot filename option must not be empty.



Have you tried filling it in with a dummy value, maybe the client or the server can override it?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You will need to specify whatever boot filename in the SCCM server is using.  Hopefully all your machines are one architecture (like UEFI 64 bit).  There are different filenames for different architectures.

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