Creation of Guest Wifi in MX with Unifi APs

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Creation of Guest Wifi in MX with Unifi APs

So I am a little stuck because my company wants to create a guest wifi that is separate from the main network. We have a lot of visitors that come in & out of the building so we want to provide a generally basic & separate connection for them. The company has the Meraki MX64 but we DO NOT own the Meraki Wireless. Instead we bought about 10 Unifi Access Points & use them instead for wireless purposes. Supposedly we do not need to buy the MS & can use the unifi APs.


I know I need to created a 2nd VLAN for the guest traffic but that is about as far as I get. Please help?

Kind of a big deal

The MX can do splash pages.  So yes, create a second VLAN.  Create an SSID on your Unify's and bridge to this VLAN, and then create the splash page on the MX.

Kind of a big deal

Remember to create firewall rules on the MX to block routing between the guest vlan/subnet and your normal subnet(s).


Follow "Create Firewall Rules to Block Inter-VLAN Traffic" here.

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