Content filtering - multiple Internet access profiles

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Content filtering - multiple Internet access profiles

Hi - our network environment includes both Meraki AP, Meraki MX, and Meraki switches. The Meraki MX (MX100) was successfully integrated with the Active Directory for the purpose of Internet Access Control.


We want to implement Internet Control in our company in which each user be added to a group on the AD, then this group will be synchronized/added to the MX100. On MX100, create different group policies to control user access to Internet (e.g., users in Level 1 can only access whitelist URLs; users in Level 2 can access whitelist and any URLs that are not blocked, users in Level 3 can access as Level 1 & 2 and Social Media, so on).


For the first test, we cannot implement the Group Policy in our environment. We created a group policy called as 'Level 1', in this group policy settings, all URLs belong to the 'Proxy Avoidance and Anonymizers' will be blocked. However, no users are impacted by this group policy including me, I can visit proxy sites without any issues.


Am I missing anything to setup the group policy in MX100?

Kind of a big deal
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