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Content Filtering


Content Filtering

Hi Team,


How far we can go in regards of Content Filtering in Meraki MXs?

Can we restrict based on tags/keywords deeply, for example under youtube only I need to allow/disallow particular keywords or tags (whereas allowing youtube other than those words)


Moreover, is https traffic is checked overall? I believe Meraki MX don't have DPI

Kind of a big deal

Re: Content Filtering

There are two levels for the content filtering of youtube videos, strict and moderate. I believe google allows further customization for users logged in with their G Suite account. But then you need to have G Suite in your organization. No customization in Meraki is possible.


MX provides DPI, but not for HTTPS traffic. You could use the Cisco Umbrella integration which does SSL decryption.


Detailed info here:

and more about Umbrella's SSL decryption here:


The url filtering can be done based on categories. The URL lists and their categories are sourced from Brightcloud.

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