Content Filtering Device Utilization

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Content Filtering Device Utilization


Hi, someone is using the content flitering with the Full list  option ?


I have one mx with some categories apllied and if I choose the full list the device utilization goes to a very high use, on the graph you can see the difference using full list vs Top sites. 


the mx is a mx84 and we only have the 30% of the users working because the covid....










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Kind of a big deal

@Julian wrote:


. . .  content flitering with the Full list  option


. . .  if I choose the full list the device utilization goes to a very high use,




Unfortunately, as the song goes, that's life. It's entirely predictable . . . 


Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel

May improve over time. This is what the docs say about it:

Select "Top sites only" for higher performance or "Full list" for better coverage. When "Top sites only" is selected, the list of top sites in each of the blocked categories will be cached locally on the appliance. In this mode, client requests for URLs that are not in the top sites list will always be permitted (as long as they are not in the blocklist). If "Full list" is selected, a request for a URL that is not in the list of top sites will cause the appliance to look the URL up in a cloud-hosted database. This may have a noticeable impact on browsing speed when visiting a site for the first time. But the result will be cached locally. Over time, the "Full list" performance should approach the speed of "Top sites" option.


If not, you could also think about using Umbrella to offload some of that.

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