Connectivity issues with Microsoft Services

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Connectivity issues with Microsoft Services

Starting this morning we had some users on one of our networks say they were unable to access outlook.  Come to find out those same users can not access any microsoft services (such as outlook, teams, windows update) they can access outlook/teams if they go to web version though.  


The strange thing though is its only some clients, all clients are on the same vlan with same group policy but some are fine and others aren't.  We've went through the whole gamut of fixes(changing dns, changing to secondary service provider, updated MX84 and access points, disabled AMP, double/triple checked firewall settings). 


Kind of at a loss what could be causing we haven't made any changes to our network recently either.


I forgot to add if a user jumps to our guest wifi which uses same vlan everything works or if they jump on a hotspot everything works so I'm pretty sure its network related and not a windows or office update( although we went through all of those as well lol).  If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions to check, we'd be very grateful.

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I'd either start with a wireshark capture on the host and/or a pcap specific to the host IP on the MX, have you done any packet captures?

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