Connection issue with citrix when using a Meraki MX64W with a T-Mobile home internet

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Connection issue with citrix when using a Meraki MX64W with a T-Mobile home internet

I am trying to set up a home office for my wife that connects back to our workplace. She has an Ip Phone and has to use a Meraki for that to work. We can connect to internal company sites and the phone works with no problem. The only issue we have is when we try and launch our EMR we get the following message. 


"The network connection to your application was interrupted.
Try to access your application later, or contact your help desk."


If I bring up my work laptop and launch Citrix Secure Connect I can access the EMR with no issue.

I do not believe it is the internet due to one way working and the other not.


Getting noticed

From your description, it seems like a specific application (the EMR) is having trouble connecting when accessed through the Meraki device, while other internal company resources are accessible and the IP phone is working.


The issue might be specific to the configuration on your wife's device, the Meraki settings, or it might be with the EMR application itself. Here are some steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check Network Settings on the Device: Make sure your wife's device has the correct network settings. Depending on your company's network setup, specific DNS or IP settings may be needed to access certain applications.

  2. Firewall and Traffic Shaping Rules: Check the firewall and traffic shaping rules on the Meraki device. Ensure that there are no rules that might be blocking the connection to the EMR application.

  3. VPN Settings: If a VPN is used to connect to the workplace network, ensure that the VPN settings on your wife's device are correct.

  4. Software and Updates: Ensure that the software (like Citrix Secure Connect) and the operating system on your wife's device are up to date.

  5. Try Another Device: If possible, try accessing the EMR application from another device on the same network. If the issue persists on multiple devices, it may be a network-level issue.

  6. Reach out to IT Support: If the problem persists, it might be best to reach out to your workplace's IT support. They may have additional insights into the company's network and application configurations.


My wife's device does not have Secure Connect but is hard-wired to Meraki. I have been working with our Network Engineers and they are trying to blame Tmobile. What does not make sense to me is if I use my work laptop for the same company and use secure connect instead of the Meraki I have no issue connecting to our EMR. On additional testing, I noticed several Citrix applications are having issues.

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