Connecting to a subnet through a VPN

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Connecting to a subnet through a VPN

Hi we have three different subnets,


192.168.1* Internal addresses 

VPN once connected you get an IP address from this range


10.2.0.* Azure


All internal LAN users can see the three different subnets.. 


If I dial in using a VPN i can't resolve to the 10.2.0 subnet. Do I set up a static route route or a source based default route?


Any help will be really appreciated. 

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Building a reputation

I think in Site 2 Site VPN you have to make the client VPN subnet part of the Site to Site VPN.  Check under VPN settings

Building a reputation



Under Security and SD-WAN -> Site-to-Site VPN -> VPN Settings -> Local Networks


Ensure that the networks you want accessible over the VPN are selected.

Hi I think the issue is the 10.2.0.* is in Azure, from Azure is connected into local sunbewt 192.168.219>*




Thank you i have already checked this and it hasnt worked.


The 10.2.0.* network is in azure




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Azure will need a return route for

Thank you i have asked the MSP to add this route into Azure.

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