Connecting the local MX with our servers on azure

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Connecting the local MX with our servers on azure



I am new to Meraki and not security specialized, I have a project 4 sites every site have its own network MX firewall, MS core switch, and the APs the wireless users suppose to connect their server on Azure, we also have an active directory on Azure and backup active directory locally at the site.

I need your support guys to explain what to do step by step to make sure the users connect their services on Azure.


Thanks in advance

Kind of a big deal

If you lack the networking skills it is probably easier for you to buy a Meraki vMX, which is a virtual appliance you can install into Azure.  It removes a lof of the complexity.

I have already MX68 for each site and all of them need to connect servers on Azure to is it possible?

We do not have VPN between the sites only between each site and the server on Azure

Yes it is possible using the vMX which I previously posted about.

But I cannot go for vMX, I have already 4 sites each site MX68, do i will face any problem to access my active directory on Azure cloud?

FYI each site will be configured static route to the internet and no site to site VPN

If you use AzureAD - then you don't need anything else, as that runs over the Internet.


If you use an actual AD controller in Azure - then you will need a VPN to get access to it.

Thanks i appreciate your assistance 

Getting noticed

Meraki MX does not support IKE V2. So, connecting to Azure without using vMX is a pain in the ^#$#@$%@.


I look after the Australian branch of a multi-national company. All their other sites do not use Meraki and the Australian branch is the only one that uses an MX. I had no choice but to configure the MX as Passthrough and put an old SonicWall between the WAN link and MX to establish a VPN link to Azure.


Using a vMX is not an option on cost reasons as we are the only site requiring that out of over 50 sites.


Where is IKE V2 support for MX? Still waiting .... 

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