Combining Networks

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Combining Networks

We currently have an HQ network that uses both an MX 250 and another core switch for routing. We do not have any Meraki switches in this network (as it is primarily used for site to site VPN) so it is an appliance network. 

However, we are beginning to install Meraki switches in the network also but it would be connected to the core switch (getting it's DHCP and default gateway from a core switch) rather than the MX. 


In this scenario, would it be better to make the HQ network a combined network and put the switch in the network (not connected to the MX) or create a separate network for the switch until the network can be modified to be full stack Meraki in the future?



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'd go combined.


Device type networks are pretty much a "legacy" thing for Meraki now.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@TLO3346 we have many combined networks that have MXs, MRs and MSs in but the core is Cisco IOS L3 switching.  In fact we only have one site where we have nothing but Meraki!  It all works well, the only minor downsides are that the topology diagram may not show correctly and clients directly connected to the non-Meraki devices may show up as being connected to random ports.  Even without combining the networks you will see both of these so as far as I am concerned, combine them.


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