Combine 2 locally separated servers within the same MX-VLAN?

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Combine 2 locally separated servers within the same MX-VLAN?



I have a customer requesting their winassist and mirror servers to be on different networks locally, but place within the same VLAN config in the MX68 through Meraki Dashboard. 


Logically, would this work?


Thanks in advance 🙂

Kind of a big deal

I don't think so: you can only add one IP address on the MX per Vlan.

Are you referring to the MX's gateway adress per vlan?

Sry, I'm having a hard time articulating my intent. I was thinking as long as the 2 servers' individual traffic both gets tagged with the same VLAN tag, either through access or trunk ports, their physical placement in the local networks on-site wouldn't really matter. Both servers also get 1-1 NAT to public networks.

Kind of a big deal

With "different networks" are you talking about dashboard-network and not IP subnets? Then it will work.

IP Networks that would be

Kind of a big deal

As @CptnCrnch mentioned, the MX (same for MS) don't know the concept of secondary IPs on routed interfaces.

The main question is, why do you want to do that? There is likely a better design.

We sell standardised packets with complete configs. But this specific customer had this particular request. I don't really understand the reasoning behind it tbh. 

Kind of a big deal

Perhaps he only has a very limited understanding about the difference of Layer 2 and Layer 3?

Most likely, their third party consultant reformulated their needs! 😉

So we have our VLAN 20 in the MX. VLAN 20 will be utilised locally at their site for clients & servers

They want to dedicate 3 IP-adressess from that range to three servers.

Two of the servers are to be placed in the regular LAN that is VLAN 20.


While they want their third server in a different LAN, and then want a 1:1 NAT translation at the MX, from the third servers local IP to a local IP within the VLAN 20.


Shouldn't be an issue, right? 

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