Client VPN to/from non-meraki site VPN


Client VPN to/from non-meraki site VPN



Have the following setup on the head office MX:

  • 2 non Meraki VPN peers - providing access to azure and aws.  
  • Client VPN server (IPSec)

(we also have a number of remote office MX devices - our site-2-site config is Hub)


Client VPN subnet is

AWS private subnet is

Head Office main network is


When I am on the HO network (Mac has 10.10.200.x local IP) traffic to/from AWS is fine

When I am coming in via client VPN (Mac has 10.10.1.x IP), I cannot route to/from AWS


Is there a way to add a specific route so that client VPN traffic can route to AWS?


What I don't want is any of the remote office MX traffic to be able to pass and preferably would like to lock down client VPN to just my assigned IP (eg:


This other community post I thought might help but the reference material is no longer available


Also to add - don't need traffic from spoke MX's to be able to access AWS.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You would need to configure AWS to include in its remote encryption domain.

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