Client VPN on Beta MX 15.14

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Client VPN on Beta MX 15.14


Just want to share that Client VPN from Apple IoS / Windows 10 is not working on MX65W and beta MX15.14.

Downgrading to MX 14.39 solved the problem.

Br John

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Kind of a big deal

Thanks for the heads up. Could you describe what wasn't working?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

There was a change to stronger ciphers at some point, and the removal of DES.


I wonder if that was it.


At what point does it fail?  Do you get to enter a username/password?  Does it come back with an error message?

Kind of a big deal

Mmm, I could definitely see older clients being unhappy at being asked for stronger ciphers. In reading the patch notes, that looks like it applies to site-to-site tunnels? "The DES encryption algorithm is no longer supported for use in formation of VPN tunnels." If I recall correctly, the existing client VPN defaults to 3DES already... no DES involved.


There's also this under known issues: "client VPN users cannot communicate across non-Meraki VPN tunnels"


So uh, personally, looks like I'm really unlikely to be using 15 until the beta gets less beta-y.



Yes, I got username / password prompt on both IOS/ and Windows 10 devices. However it never allow access just timeout.

I have tried with two account on Merkia (1 with MFA and 1 regularly) did not have any impact. Sune after downgrade to latest stable version it works again. I did not see any information in log files on Meraki.



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