Client VPN failing because of IPv6 mobile networks

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Client VPN failing because of IPv6 mobile networks

Hi all, so I understand that client vpn does not work with Meraki MX devices if the client is a cellphone on ipv6 architecture - something we cannot do anything about.


And as it appears that Meraki are not doing anything about this, what are my options to sort this out?


will a software based vpn server work behind the MX unit? - please bear in mind that I use three MX units in remote sites connected with the meraki site-to-site vpn feature.


pretty annoyed with meraki, as I was told that meraki would do both site to site and client vpn - which it DID.... until most mobile carriers switched over to ipv6 architecture! So it worked for a few months, but stopped over two years ago! That’ll teach me for buying a five year license!!!!

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

>until most mobile carriers switched over to ipv6 architecture


There is only one major carrier that I know of that did that.  You'll probably find it easier to just change cellular providers.


I frequently use Cisco ASAv10's configured for AnyConnect for client VPN (sitting behind an MX).  It is excellent.

I’m in the UK, and pretty much all of them have.


I can’t exactly tell all our staff to change mobile providers anyway!

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@DJSky I'm in the UK and our company is with the second biggest carrier (O2 at 26% of the market) and we get IPv4 addresses, I do think it is only with some carriers that you only get IPv6.


There is plenty of IPv6 work going on at Meraki the dashboard was fully upgraded over the last year and the MRs are being upgraded at the moment (I'm part of the beta program) and V28 should be the IPv6 release.  As part of the program many beta testers have been badgering the Meraki team for IPv6 on MX so I'm sure it isn't being forgotten.


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