Client VPN connected, cannot access local network

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Client VPN connected, cannot access local network



I have a MX67 installed connected to our local network. I cannot figure out why I can't access our local network, Client VPN is working. I can ping the MX lan port but can't ping anything outside of it. Any recommendation? Everything is still in default, haven't change any policy.

Kind of a big deal

By default, client VPN should be able to access any local networks.

When you say you can ping the LAN port, what is the traffic flow?

Where and what are the endpoints that you can't reach? How are you testing?
Are they on networks directly connected to the MX? If not, do you have a route in the internal network to send traffic destined for the client VPN subnet back to the MX?


Kind of a big deal

The Windows #1 reason I run into is Windows Firewall on the machines in the LAN you are trying to access.  Try turning off the Windows firewall temporarily (on the LAN connected machine) to see if it resolves the issue.


Is the client VPN machine running Windows?


Are you trying to ping devices on the LAN by IP address?

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