Client VPN 2FA with MFA extension for NPS

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Client VPN 2FA with MFA extension for NPS

I would like to enable 2fa for client VPN.  Currently the users enter their AD credentials for VPN.  I've setup NPS in my AD servers, and made them the RADIUS in Meraki dashboard for VPN.


I'm deciding between Duo and Azure MFA.  How's azure MFA extension for NPS?  How does this work?  After the user enter their AD credentials in the VPN client, they get a phone alert?  Is MFA extension free?



Kind of a big deal

I guess the best you can say about NPS and Azure MFA is that it's "free" in its most basic form. Whenever you really want tio achieve something, MS urges you to buy something on top.

At that point of time latest, please take a look at how things are being handled in the MS universe related to Cisco Duo. Perhaps there are folks out there who're brainwahsed enough to like the Azure MFA, Defender etc. Duo pleases with wonderful simplicity. Exactly like Meraki does. 😉

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