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Cisco Meraki vs Riverbed comparison

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Cisco Meraki vs Riverbed comparison



Anyone knows if Cisco Systems has a document comparing Meraki product with Riverbed SD-Wan solution? It needs to be a Cisco document or Cisco url, not a third-party document





Kind of a big deal

Re: Cisco Meraki vs Riverbed comparison

FWIW I haven't seen a battlecard between Meraki and Riverbed. I checked the Meraki partner portal and Cisco's Salesconnect.


Your best bet is to reach out to your Meraki sales rep or systems engineer. Even if we had such a document it's very likely it would be a confidential document and we would therefore not be allowed to post it here.

Kind of a big deal

Re: Cisco Meraki vs Riverbed comparison

I thought Riverbed was more concerned with WAN optimisation (such as redundant data elimination, compression, TCP connection acceleration, etc)?  If so, the most direct comparison is Cisco WAAS.


Cisco Meraki MX supports SDWAN and Security capabilities.  I don't think the two products overlap that much.

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