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Cisco Meraki MX routing



In a Hub and Spoke design, if 2 spokes are using different HUB priorities (lets say Spoke1 - Hub1;Hub2 and Spoke2 - Hub2; Hub1), and both Hubs advertise all subnets, how is the traffic flow going to be between Spoke 1 and Spoke 2?


-- Spoke1 -- Hub1 -- Spoke2 and return(reply) traffic Spoke 2 -- Hub2 -- Spoke 1




-- Spoke1 -- Hub1 -- Spoke 2 and return(reply) traffic Spoke2 -- Hub1 -- Spoke1 (symmetrical)



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Or maybe Spoke1 -> Hub1 -> Hub2 -> Spoke2 and vice-versa


I think the spoke only talks to the first hub in the list it has, unless that hub in unavailable (at least exit hubs definitely work that way in a multi-hub SD-WAN).

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Each spoke will be configured with a primary hub and secondary hub, and that will always be the preferred order for the return traffic.  So if Spoke1 has its hub priorities as Hub1 primary and then Hub2 secondary, and Spoke2 has its hub priorities as Hub2 primary and Hub1 secondary... Then Spoke1 to Spoke2 round trip traffic would be Spoke1 > Hub1 > Spoke2 > Spoke2client > Spoke2 > Hub2 > Spoke1, which is the first example you listed below.  

Comes here often

Hi MerakiDave,



Thank you for your reply, do you have any official Meraki documentation where it explains this?

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