Changing MX100 VPN hub public IP

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Changing MX100 VPN hub public IP

So, I currently have a pair of MX100s running in passthrough mode that are the VPN hubs for a bunch of MX67 remote routers. TheMX100s have public IP x.x.x.x. I want to move them from behind one set of border firewalls to another, in which case they would get a new public IP x.x.x.y.  I've looked through the settings and can't figure out how the remote routers know to link to x.x.x.x. I know the tunnels will go down once I move them, but will they automatically resync using the new public IP x.x.x.y?

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In a nutshell: the beauty of AutoVPN will take care of this for you automatically. 🙂

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Exactly. It's all covered here. VPN registry is the key.

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