Change in MX Client Details Page? Dashboard update?

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Change in MX Client Details Page? Dashboard update?

Hello, all - 


I've noticed that our MX Client Details Page has changed slightly. This change was likely this week (or perhaps over the holidays).  I suspect the web based dashboard interface changed, but I see nothing in change logs, "New Dashboard Features", etc.  FYI, we have been on 14.40 since Dec 02 2019.


One of our VLANs has click through splash auth.  That info no longer appears on the Client Details page.  Granted, our revoke never seemed to work in our MX environment, but the auth duration / expiration info was occasionally useful.  There are other cosmetic changes that make me think this is a change in html coding, and not a "problem" with our system.


Anyone else notice changes to Dashboard?  Is there a Dashboard changelog that I am missing?  How do I recover the presence of the splash auth data?  Or did it move?


Below is a stolen, edited graphic of how our Client Details used to appear; to its right is current appearance.



Kind of a big deal

I can confirm the UI change on node 174. Haven't seen info on the splash data.

Kind of a big deal

It's not firmware related. it's part of the greater Dashboard UI updates that have been rolling out slowly for a while now. Various pages have been getting an facelift. There's a name for the new style... But I'm not remembering it right now.

Thanks for the info.  I suspected it was new html/css (so to speak) that made the change.  Didn't know there were tweaked interface pages rolling out.  

I recognize change happens; just wish I didn't lose functionality (albeit minor).  


If I'm missing a flag, config, etc that would allow splash auth details to be displayed, please let me know!

Kind of a big deal

That's odd. I still see it on mine:




Are you looking at a client on an MR network? Or combined? This might be worth calling support for...

MX only; thanks!  Used to be there.  

Kind of a big deal

Ahh gotcha. I don't think I have an MX using splash pages I can compare with... So I'd assume that's a bug and Meraki Support needs to be involved. 

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