Change Hub Priority for a specific network bind to a template

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Change Hub Priority for a specific network bind to a template



is there any possibilty to change Hub priority for a specific netowk who are bind to a template without needed to rebind the netowk to anoter template and reset a lot of configuration ?



In our netwok model we have 2 Hub.   1 Primary hub where all the traffic is routed by default, and 1 Secondary Hub who are here for "backup" when Primary is offline.


Sometime ISP have trouble in there network and to correct some problem we have sometime to redirect some spoke to the secondary Hub. 


The only solution we've find for now is to undbind the network from our primary template and rebind it in a secondary template who are a copy of the primary but just with the hub order change.


But this manipulation destroy a lot of configuration in the netowk like VLAN interface adressing, dhcp, Wireless configuration (enabled/disabled, psk ... )


We've tried to do something with the API but is very complicated because for VLAN/DHCP and Wiifi we can export all the configuration in only one JSON file but to push the configuration again is not the case, you need to set interface by interface, ssid by ssid ...





Kind of a big deal

Not that I am aware of

I actually have two templates identical except one is split tunnel and the other is full tunnel for the same reason
Nolan Herring |

ok, very disapointed for that, we are going to talk with our Meraki rep because it's a major problem for us when primary software are web base and hosted in our dc.

It's stupid to rerouting all our site in the secondary hub when just a couple of site are affected by an ISP routing problem
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@NolanHerring  is right.  However you would typically solve this problem using performance classes (assuming this traffic is running over AutoVPN). 


Ideally both the hub and spokes should have two Internet paths, but you can also make it work with just one end having dual paths.  Ideally use circuits from differents ISPs.


Then just create performance classes to define the failover criteria and the system should be able to self resolve issues with a single ISP without you having to touch it.

This kind of configuration does not applied to our model.

All our spoke use WAN1 as primary wired Uplink, all traffic use WAN1. WAN2 conection are established only when WAN1 doesen't work because it's a limited homemade cellulare backup uplink.

Our Primary Hub is in our Priamary DataCenter where all the vpn traffic is transfer in normal time.
Our secondary hub is our Secondary Datacenter who are used only as a backup datacenter who are in an other town.

For some reason sometimes with specific ISP on spoke the interconnexion between the spoke and the Primary DC are in trouble (1 or 2 time by year).
Set spoke to use the secondary Hub solved the problem and we reorder Hub priority when the problem is resolved on primary DC.

Thats why we would like to be able to change Hub order on specific network even if they are bind to template.

Meraki allow us to overwrite configuration on network who are bind to template (like PSK for wifi, name for SSID, SD & traffic speed, even switch port configuration when switch is bind to port configuration)

Why dont allow to overwrite Hub Order ?

Yes have two ISP on hub could be a good thing but when you have more than 450 spoke have two WAN connexion by Hub from different ISP is very expensive when you can solved the problem with just a setting on the spoke and use an other Hub thought WAN1 ...

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