Caution: Client VPN connect user Active Directory.


Caution: Client VPN connect user Active Directory.

I made Meraki client VPN. 

I can connect my account.

But, some account can not connect.

"Missmatch to server encrypt."

Because, Active Directory password policy not match that user.


I want to Meraki developer.

Show caution.

Client account need password policy match.


And, I give tip.

It's very easy. Windows 10 I test finish.

1. your notepad open

2. input below text

powershell.exe -command Add-VpnConnection -Name "VPN Name" -ServerAddress "Server Address" -TunnelType L2tp -L2tpPsk "Connect password" -AuthenticationMethod Pap -Force

3. save *.bat

4. excute administrator

Thank you.


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