Cannot access the EWS of my printers from Macs, but can from PCs

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Cannot access the EWS of my printers from Macs, but can from PCs

Hi All,


I recently upgraded to an MX router and for whatever reason, I lost the ability to access the EWS of my HP printers by their hostname, but only on Macs (not on PCs). Previously I was using a non-Meraki router.


For example, one of the printer's hostname is HP80C1F3, and I used to be able to access the EWS by visiting https://hp80c1f3 from a browser. With the MX router, this now only works on PCs. Attempting to do this on a Mac instantly brings me a "Safari can't find the server" page (and same result on all other browsers). It doesn't even wait a few seconds, it just instantly fails.


This seems to be the default behavior with MX routers but it's really annoying that on PCs, this just works but doesn't work on Macs.


My network is super simple, out of the box default settings.


Has anyone ever encountered this or has any ideas?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I've never had much luck with getting local name resolution to work reliably.  So I'm keen on an answer here.


Does the Mac have a software firewall, and if so, has it perhaps detected it is on a new network and is blocking the local name resolution traffic?

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