CCC Certificate for MR46?


CCC Certificate for MR46?



Is there anywhere a Chinese Compulsory Certificate available for download regarding a MR46 device?


We have preconfigured one here in Europe and try to send it to the branch in China.

It's now stuck in customs and they request a CCC certificate.


Under compliance ( it's only compliance to EU regulations

I could find an earlier post looking for a CCC for another product and they were helped by @DJDonovan who published a direct download link, but it cant help me to find CCC for other products.


Edit: Sorry, posted it in the wrong forum - belongs to Wireless LAN.

Kind of a big deal

@EricaO This is what you are looking for ? 

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Kind of a big deal

@Inderdeep That is for MX100.  


The Cisco partner portal has an area for global export compliance here:


The link for China compliance certification on that page is just an email:


You may try emailing them to request a copy of the CCC certificate.





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