Block download - help

Here to help

Block download - help

Hi guys,

need your help please.

seems that i already know the answer but i will ask anyway.

i have 8 Meraki's MX64 across the city.

tried several times to find the option of blocking  users from downloads files from the explorer without any luck, so i created a GPO via AD but this one  is working only with Microsoft explorer, its worked just find ...

Till my users need to  start work with WebApp that required Google chrome or Firefox, which mean, that once I'm  installing the Google chrome i don't have a control in terms of downloads files from the internet !!


do you guys know about solution to my case ?


must to admit,  we're on 2019 (almost) and Meraki has no solution for this issue, honestly this a  shame to Cisco which is the the best company  in terms of security etc. !


Thank you all


1 Accepted Solution

Issue hes been resolved by GPO with Google


Thank you guys !



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

There is no way for any network device to tell weather a data stream being delivered over HTTPS is a file or a web app.

hi Phili,
Probably misunderstood from my end, my "request" from my Meraki was to block downloads of files from Chrome, Firefox, Exp etc. into my network from outside. Again via Chrome, Firefox, for example: block users from download Zip files, rar, exe etc.
Ps. my licenses is : enterprise edition
with others firewalls that i used to work with it was super simple and just working

any help will be greatfully apprenticed
Kind of a big deal

I thought you could enforce GP in Chrome? I'm sure you can...

i will defiantly will try and will keep you posted

Thank you all !

Issue hes been resolved by GPO with Google


Thank you guys !



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