AutoVPN issues with WAN 2

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AutoVPN issues with WAN 2



WAN 1 is set to primary uplink with load balancing disabled. AutoVPN works fine.


When I add WAN 2 into the mix, RDP connections go down. Active-Active AutoVPN is set to disabled by the way. But the issue still persists.


any help appreciated. 


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What MX model  ?

What MX version ?

mx100 running 18.107.


to add WAN 2 is under NAT.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Is it 18.107.4, or the unpatched version

If you try the NATed connection on its own what do you get?

i will try on a non workday as I can't have this site down. I think both WANs need to be connected to the VPN registry. WAN 2 is under CGNAT and I think its blocking the UDP hole punch 

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There's a known issue with MX's on v18.107 that in certain scenarios when you have a HA pair, if you make changes, it causes services to restart, including VPN's.


There is an internal case at Meraki and my case is linked to it.


The details i got told were:


Certain changes have been seen to cause services to restart, causing VPN tunnels to drop and reform when running an HA pair of MX’s on firmware version 18+:


  • Firewall rules changes
  • DHCP scope changes
  • Layer3 changes to VPN-enabled subnets/routes
  • Bringing up disconnected WAN2/Cellular interfaces from the “disconnected” status
  • Enabling or disabling content filtering

I'd raise this with Meraki so it gets linked to their internal case.

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