Any clever solutions to inbound traffic when on cellular failover?


Any clever solutions to inbound traffic when on cellular failover?

I have recently got my cellular failover working (that was fun. lol)

However, when testing specific incoming data is then filtered out. While we do keep connectivity, some of our core services lose their functionality. 

Does anyone have any clever ways to get data in when a failover occurs? It doesn't have to be automated as it can be a manual process in response to a failover.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Can you give some examples please.

We have on site servers. These communicate with outside devices continuously updating data in real time.

The traffic coming in to the servers is blocked during failover as it is being pushed in. During failover, there is a different IP, and so the information doesn't come in (inbound rules no longer apply as it's in failover).


So what I would like to do is find a way to get that information if needed.

If there is a 5 minute failover, it's not a big deal. But if we establish it's going to be in failover for a substantial period (4 hours +) it would be good to find a way to get that data in somehow.

You could use a DNS hosting service like Amazon Route 53, and then use their Health Check option, which lets it update the DNS automatically based on the primary failing.


Because your 4G is using a dynamic IP address you can't add it directly to the domain in route 53 ... but Meraki creates a dynamic DNS entry for you, and you could reference these via a cname.


Then change your services to send the data to the DNS name instead of an IP address.



Personally - I wouldn't host in on-premise at all. Send the whole lot to a VM in Amazon AWS and forget the issue.

My preferred option would be to host offsite too, however we are a couple of years off that yet. Thanks for those docs. I shall check them out.

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