Alert when Reponse Time on WAN uplink is High

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Alert when Reponse Time on WAN uplink is High



I'm searching a way to have an email alert when the reponses time over Uplink on WAN1 of our MX68 is superior to a value for 'X'  time.


Something like


Hey, the Appliance "123" on the network "123" encounter a high reponse time over Upliunk WAN1 for the last "X" minutes.


Is there any workaround ?

Head in the Cloud

Meraki Insight can do that.  The WAN health can give you throughput, loss, average latency, and jitter.


The WebApp health can give you similar data for web sites you specify.


If anything falls out of spec, you can get an email showing the whether the issue is LAN, WAN , or the site.


I can get you a Try and Buy trial for you MX68 if you want.

Dave Anderson

Hi @DHAnderson


We already Try Insight it we are not stisfied of this product.


Too many wrong / false down detection and no possibilty to set What adress to test by Uplink 


That why I search something else

As long as the address supports http protocol, you should be able to set it a test for your uplink.  For instance, if you want the metrics for your uplink to be tested against Google servers, then create a Web App for


Also, you can change the triggers for any alerts by changing the thresholds in the Web App Health.

Dave Anderson

Insight lets you set a target response time for an app.  It passively monitors the application traffic.


You can get it to actively generate ping traffic use the "VoIP Health" feature.



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