Advertise AutoVPN routes with iBGP to Non-Meraki peer


Advertise AutoVPN routes with iBGP to Non-Meraki peer



We're considering to build a topology like this, I know that Non-Meraki VPN routes are not advertised to AutoVPN peers and I must build non-Meraki VPN to each spoke. 

(We don't want to add an additional MX


But if I advertise AutoVPN routes with iBGP between vMX - VPN Concentrator and a pfsense instance on Azure/AWS, will pfsense instance learn all AutoVPN routes from vMX ?


And then we would like to route all AutoVPN routes through site to site VPN between pfsense instances. Am I wrong somewhere ?




if you have any ideas it would be very appreciated !


Thank in advance.



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Getting noticed

You may want to review this document and understand the different mx modes and their bgp functions.

Your cloud vmx would need to be a one armed concentrator to perform the functions you’re looking for. 

You’ll need ebgp (different asns) between pfsense and vmx



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