is meraki go right for my coffee shop?

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is meraki go right for my coffee shop?

We're looking to add wifi to a small coffee shop. We have a 20 meg internet connecton that's really only used for our pos system so we barely use any of the bandwidth. We have no wireless at all right now.


1. Is there a paid subscription we need to purchasee if we buy a Meraki Go GR10? Is there a paid subscription that offers more features?

2. Will a GR10 allow us to make a guest network that's separated from the wired business network? (We don't need a wireless work network)

3. Will a GR10 allow bandwidth controls?

a. Does it allow overall bandwidth controls for the guest network? Can we set it so the guest network doesn't use more than 10 meg of our 20 meg connection?

b. Does it allow individual bandwidth controls? Can we set it so one guest gets no more than 2 meg?


Thanks for your help. I've been trying to read up on this and I'm just not sure on some of the abilities of Meraki Go.


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Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

Hi Gamergomer,


Based on what you describe needing, Meraki Go is absolutely right for your coffee shop. 


GR10 will support all the things you mentioned below. You can setup separate networks so your guests can't see your work devices. Bandwidth controls gives you a few options, where you can set a limit for each individual device that connects and also further tweak the bandwidth limit to limit certain application types, e.g. social media, file sharing, online backup and online video, which are typically the worst offenders for taking all of your bandwidth. We don't support directly capping the total bandwidth allocated to an individual network, but the other methods mentioned above can be used to achieve the same outcome. 


There is no paid subscription required, but if you have the Meraki Go Security Gateway there is an optional security subscription that provides phishing and malware protection powered by Cisco Umbrella DNS security. 




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