WhatsApp performance over Wifi

Getting noticed

WhatsApp performance over Wifi

Hi all, 


Anyone experienced issues with WhatsApp when running over the Wifi? 


Have a customer and the performance is awful so attempting to diagnose and therefore wondered if anyone had undertaken any similar diagnosis or recommendation for improving WhatsApp specifically using Go Wifi?


Thanks in advance



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New here

We are having the same issue over the last couple days. I've opened a ticket with support but so far have not received a resolution

Did you get a reply to your support ticket?

I did. I worked with them to troubleshoot the issue and eventually they pushed an updated firmware. Unfortunately this never resolved the WhatsApp poor performance. I returned the units and replaced them with uniquiti UniFi U6-Pros. WhatsApp works perfectly now 

Getting noticed


I managed to get to the customer, large residential install, and discovered the issue being access point interference which only impacted services like WhatsApp, Favetime and VoIP 


Access points are all Meraki-Go, and noticed some 2.4 channels were weaker than others and the IPhone would identify as poor connection, dropping WiFi and then re-establish. 

auto-channel seemed to be conflicting 


Switched off the access points, bringing them

back one at a time and resulting in the removal of one access point. 

WhatsApp, FaceTime etc now working fine! 

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