Warning message relating to a meshed GR10

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Warning message relating to a meshed GR10

Hi all


Having a few years experience with Meraki Enterprise, I've switched to using Meraki Go at home. All is working flawlessly with great performance and coverage. However I'm getting a warning message on the app.


One of my AP's isn't wired and and it meshed. The Meraki Go app is showing a warning message 'Your access point(s) (meshed access point name) are currently configured as BRIDGE mode with a public IP address. We recommend using NAT mode if there are problems using the network in these circumstances.


I'm using NAT within my router so the Meraki Go is set to Bridge. All wired AP's show their private NAT IP under LAN IP and my public IP under Public IP. The meshed AP shows none under LAN IP and shows the public IP under public IP. The documentation says this is correct and a meshed AP should show none under LAN IP.


I raised a support ticket and was advised the issue was that I was using public IP addressing for this AP and to use a private IP. That didn't really address the issue as from what I can tell everything is configured as it should be.

I've not tried statically assigning that AP an IP address as the document states LAN IP should be none for a meshed setup.

This isn't a big issue as the AP's are working as expected but would be good to understand why it is happening and how to stop this warning appearing.




Meraki Go Team

Hey @LouisN5 ,


This is a known issue we're working to correct, and thank you for bringing attention to the problem to raise awareness. When mesh mode is active, the device lacks a management IP. This causes the alert that you see to be shown inappropriately, which is doing a check against the assigned IP address.


We'll sort it out shortly!