Unable to set IP on default VLAN [GX20]

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Unable to set IP on default VLAN [GX20]

Trying to configure six (6) new GX20 for a customer. At each site, one (1) GX20 will connect to the Internet, and on the LAN side, each site will have a different private IP addressing scheme.


In theory.


As of this week, it's impossible to change the default VLAN's IP scheme -- either using the web portal or mobile app. Meraki GO technical support has acknowledged this is a bug on the backend UI and there's no ETA for a fix.


HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? The ability to configure IP addresses is a core function of this type of device. I would understand if some of the insight telemetry was malfunctioning, but this is not acceptable.


We've had to inform our customer their deployment is delayed because of "an unexpected hardware issue." Naturally, they asked, "When will this be resolved?" Our only response is, "Not exactly sure - hopefully soon."


They are understandably ticked off and escalated the matter to their Board, who is now demanding we use another vendor's hardware. Instead, we're going into our stockpile to dust off some old Cisco RV110s and put them into service.


Come on Meraki GO - you gotta be better than this.

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Hello @Midwest_IT 


I can confirm it's not possible to Edit the Default Network.


I set the Default on my GX20 to be a Dummy-LAN, it's there but not in use.


Creating individual VLANs on each GX20 might solve your problem. I know it's just a work-around. It also prevents you from having each LAN called "Default", since we were never allowed to change the name of the default network.


Due to this ERROR: In order to save the settings on the VLAN you have to click on Cancel and then SAVE it from the Warning page.


Editing a VLAN once saved is not possible, the only way to do it, is to Delete the VLAN and start from the beginning.

When you say it's not possible to edit the Default network, I think you meant, "The inability to edit the Default network is the bug you're experiencing."


We've configured dozens of GX20s where we edited the IP address for the Default VLAN. This is no longer possible.


Using your workaround as an example: Set the Default to be a Dummy-LAN . . . ok . . . does that just mean you turned off DHCP? I mean, that VLAN still exists with the default IP address of, which arguably doesn't make it a "dummy" - instead it means I can never use that IP scheme.


OK, using the workaround you suggest: I create a new VLAN "Test" and assign it an IP address, say


To save it, as you said, I have to click Cancel, then Save. (I think everyone would agree that's awful & non-intuitive, but it is what it is).


So, I have a new VLAN "Test" . . . with the IP scheme I want. I now create an access port so that devices get DHCP from this new VLAN. Is this the new best practice for configuring?


This is incredibly frustrating.

I agree with you 100%.


Meraki team should fix the problems immediatly, better yesterday then tomorrow!


What I showed you, is a way to create individual VLAN on the GX20 with the limitations currently affecting the device. It is up to you, what you do with that information.


I didn't turn off DHCP on Default LAN. But each VLAN has own range and DHCP.


The term Dummy-LAN was ment to express that it's there but not used. English isn't my first language, so you might have to read a bit into my typoneese. 

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Saturday 8:06AM EST the problem seems to be solved.