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Trial Licences

Hi guys,


I've got 4x APs that I'd ideally like to use for surveys and client demos - I've arranged for a couple of demos this week but the licences that have been ordered potentially won't land for another 7 days.


Is there any way that the hardware can be demo'd/trialled without having to wait for the purchased licences to come through?


Also would be good to have access to say, 14 day trial licences without having to order and tie them to a specific end user as you do with any licences that you buy currently. I know this problem will go away when the licensing model changes, and I should have thought about leadtime in advance, but just asking the question in case there is a way to achieve this.




Meraki Go Team

Hey Russ!


If you've already purchased the subscriptions; they are typically delivered via email within 48 hours of receiving the devices. The Meraki Go hardware will require the subscriptions before you can add the devices to test functionality and perform a demo.


I apologize if you're noticing any delay in receiving them, but we're unable to process trial subscriptions for Meraki Go deices.




Hi Dom,


Yeah, licences vary massively in delivery time - hardware comes next day but in my experience I've waited up to 3 weeks for the licensing to come through (have tried Insight, Ebuyer, Broadband Buyer etc.), which if you're recommending a product, isn't great.


I've already waited 5 days for these ones to arrive, I'll wait longer :-).