Shared Admin -- When I log in there is No Hardware


Shared Admin -- When I log in there is No Hardware

So initially we had 1 company with 1 site with around 8 admins. We created another site under the same company, and they seems to be when my issues started. When I login it shows "no hardware", so then I had the other admin delete my account and share the admin role again. When I receive the email I click on the link  and create my password then go to the meraki go homepage to login. Once logged in shows nothing, no hardware, no networks, all is blank ......



Any ideas? 

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Any luck with this? I'm experiencing the same issue.

nope, no help from Cisco either...


Here to help

I have the same issue. I hope Meraki are working on this. 

nope, no help from cisco

Just browsing

I have only one site, one company and out of the blue nothing shows up when logging in. 

have you got an assistance from CISCO?


I heard back from Cisco and the problem is resolved. Please see below:

It has been reported that over the weekend, there was an issue with device/network visibility that impacted a large number of GO networks. The development team was engaged by Sunday evening, and a fix was rolled out overnight.

In case you still cannot see your hardware under your account, please try refreshing and logging back into the GO App. And please let me know if you still are unable to see the hardware.

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