Random Alert Status (Changing)

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Random Alert Status (Changing)

I recently installed a new network with 3 Meraki Go APs. Each is hardwired to a POE switch and connected to a Comcast Router (The APs are in Bridge Mode - getting IPs from the Comcast Router). When I look at devices in the app, I see at least 1 AP showing a red dot. When I start the app at various times, the AP showing the red dot will be changed. I never see more than 1 in this state at a time. When I click on the indicated AP, and Test to Meraki Cloud - it always connects and shows OK. Any idea what may be going on, and why this indicator is showing in the App. Perhaps a false reading? I don't get a lot of info from the App to help diagnose the issue.

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

This does sound like odd behavior!
We would encourage you to open a Meraki Go support case from within the application or portal so that we can assist you with this problem!

I am disappointed that we don't have troubleshooting and connectivity feedback for Meraki Go AP's similar to MRs in terms of knowing that it is connected and data is flowing. The iPhone App is not reliable. It is showing Alerts that cannot be verified. For example, the App is reporting a red dot Alert status for an AP, that is showing normal LED on the AP itself. Five minutes later it will change, the one that was red will go green, and the others turn red. I have observed some iPhones having trouble connecting (password being repeatedly rejected, then suddenly accepting). Customers report that wifi speed is slow - the enterprise portal lets me measure throughput speed between the AP and the Meraki Cloud as a way of determining if its a LAN or WAN speed issue. It is hard to troubleshoot an issue by email. The delays of back and forth are frustrating. Support suggested it might be firewall issues, but there is nothing in the documentation about Firewall configuration. And, it was about outbound ports, which are open by default, so support has not given an answer to why the app is reporting a disconnected AP that is connected. Perhaps one of the biggest issues with the IOS app is that the Client's installation and mine are never reporting the same data. This really shows why a web portal for the MSP is needed. When I am remote, the Client and I are struggling, as their app is showing different information.


I must confess to being somewhat disappointed and frustrated with my first install. I was really hoping that the MR quality, performance and ease of managing would have made it into this product line, but it appears to not quite be there yet.